Rebranding the Podcast

Posted on Sunday, Aug 5, 2018
The one thing in life that stays constant other than death and taxes is changes. And I’m about to tell you about my changes and why.

Show Notes

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes The one thing in life that stays constant other than death and taxes is changes. And I’m about to tell you about my changes and why.

  • I switched my both my podcast media hosting and my website hosting. They are now combined with Simplecast. Why? Because I could cut my total hosting costs in half!!
  • Along with the cost cutting I’m taking this opportunity to rebrand the podcast. Why? I’ll go into it in the first segment
  • I took a vacation from social media and am considering not coming back. Why? I’ll tell you about it in the second segment.
  • And finally I’m going to tell you what I think the podcasting industry’s biggest problem is.

Episode 037 of The Bonehead Mediacast starts now.

The Rebranding

So for the last couple of months I’ve been looking at ways to save some money and time in order to keep producing the shows. I’ve also been feeling a huge inspiration to produce more of my own music as well. Then I was unfortunately reintroduced to Reaper DAW by Cockos Inc. I say unfortunately because I got sucked in as you have already heard in previous episodes with me playing a couple of my own songs. But then I found out that they have a radio station that plays music produced only in Reaper. And that only fueled my fire more. Not only for my own music but I started thinking about all the music podcasts I’ve done in the past.Then I thought about the massive time suck it was to produce those shows. Compiling songs, contacting artists, etc. The actual episode production was really quick but all the preshow stuff was immense. And after getting several emails from friends asking what I was doing with it I’ve decided I should bring it back.

But I want to keep doing TruckinNutz plus I would love to do some political opinion and I also want to do some talk about paranormal stuff because it fascinates me. I don’t want to have to manage and host multiple shows, I just don’t have time for that. So I decided to just rebrand this feed as my only feed and make the show about things that are interesting to me. I know some will not like the political shows, some may not like the music shows and some may not like the truckin shows. But you don’t have to download those episodes. I’ll have separate artwork for each one in the feed so you know what they are and can download them according to what you like. Here’s what has happened already

  • Moved files, RSS feed and website to Simplecast. I’ve already done the 301 redirect so you shouldnt have to subscribe again.
  • With this I started a new scheme of episode titles that starts on this episode, number 037. The scheme is the subject of the episode followed by the abbreviation then the episode number. For example if an episode of NTROradio is the next episode it will be titled ”Some Indie artist name NR-038”.
  • TN is for TruckinNutz - The show about trucking
  • NR is for NTROradio - Indie music artist spotlights.
  • PO is for Political Opinion - My opinions about political stuff.
  • BHM is for Bonehead Mediacast - My opinions on stuff other than politics. Includes podcasting, music production, writing and even paranormal stuff.
  • In the mp3 tags the show’s name will be in the album tag to help with sorting.
  • There is only one feed for my podcast. This one
  • Hoping to be found on Spotify and iheartradio soon.
  • It’s already showing on Google Podcasts app. That was stupid fast.
  • Itunes has been updated to show this feed only from me. There is a link to subscribe to it in Apple Podcasts at the top of
  • You need to talk to your friends that listen to my shows and let them know about this change in case something messed up in the 301 redirect.
  • NTROradio will have a segment in it that will give special attention to an artist who produced their music with Reaper.

Social Media Sucks

I recently took an unannounced vacation from all social media. I only posted on Facebook once. Actually logged in and posted it. I did do some automated posts but I wasn’t where I could see the newsfeed. I did no Facebook, Twitter, MeWe, etc for nearly 2 months. And I am considering just keeping it going other than logging in to post about the show. Why? Because it was so nice to not see any fighting, bickering or posts from people talking about some things they have no idea of what they are talking about. Here’s an analogy for you. In the world of audio production there is a technique called phase inverting. It’s a way you get those karaoke tracks for bars. Audio is typically in stereo left and right. You can find a certain frequency in the audio spectrum and invert the phase on one side or the other and can sometimes enhance or ruin the overall sound. If you invert the frequencies where the vocal track resides the vocals in the song seem to disappear but you still hear everything else. But if you invert the phase on all of the frequencies then the entire thing is cancelled out and you hear only silence. This is what social media has become.

Social Media is phase inverted! Up to the point where you can’t get any enjoyment out of them anymore. Most of it, hell every damn bit of it has been turned political and nobody can even make a simple joke without someone screaming “I need a safe space!” Why can’t people just leave other people alone and go on about their business without sticking their nose into yours? My day to day life these last 2 months have been awesome. I seem to sleep better and have an overall better demeanor. So much so I think I may keep it this way.

Podcastings Biggest Upcoming Problem

Podcasts are finally coming into their own. And it’s about damn time. While at the same time that they are becoming mainstream and more and more people are listening we have a major problem that is coming with it. Not that the problem will slow it down or even make people stop listening but it will make a lot of true die hard podcast listeners like myself upset with the industry. What is the problem?

Funding is the problem While I myself don’t have a problem with someone capitalizing on something and making money. We all need it to survive and prosper. But what I do have a problem with is someone that gets into for the sole purpose of making said money. For example internet marketers. Not the real genuine ones who actually know about the subject that they create a blog to drive traffic for an online store or to collect email so they can send you emails asking you to buy their stuff. I’m talking about these people who find a product that they don’t know about, then hire a ghostwriter to write their blog and put affiliate links everywhere. It’s obvious that they don’t care about the people or the product. What I love the most about podcasts is the sense of reality you get from them. Especially in the early days. They had passion! Because they were talking about what they loved. That’s partly why I’ve restructured this podcast. Because my interests change, literally day to day. Maybe I have ADD. I digress, back to the the subject. Another thing that is starting to bother me is Podcast Networks. I understand why they exist, hell I even had a small one. But are they really needed? For discovery I say yes. But outside of that there really isn’t any need for them other than to serve their owners. Usually a company that has some connections to radio or tv.

I know where the blame or rather gratitude falls here. It’s the radio industry and big corporations. For them they have seen a huge decline in listenership since the inception of the internet. And big radio has seen that podcasting is the way of the future. By big corporation I mean television and movies.They are getting their listeners and viewers back through podcasting. They realize that it is time shifted content that is delivered direct to the customer. The’ve been able to raise the quality of production for everybody and I am truly thankful for that.

But in their quest to find funding its gone back to the old standard of advertising. I absolutely abhor adverts and commercials in a podcast. If it can be done at the very beginning or end of an episode I am totally fine with that. But to put it in the middle of a show absolutely drives me bonkers. If a host can segway into a live read its cool. But to use it to separate segments, hell no. Its even worse if its just throw in by a hosting company. I will immediately unsubscribe at that moment. Podcasting was a grassroots real rise in the beginning. But I fear that it is now nearly beyond the point where we can keep it that way. The thing that will solve it is funding. And currently I can only see the audience doing it through things such as Patreon or Paypal/Stripe donations. I’ve seen a few subscription based podcasts that are working well. But I’ve also seen some that want you to sign up for $9.99/month but no way to listen to some free episodes. Or they give you one free. I don’t know about you but I can’t decide if I want to pay someone $10/month based on one damn episode. I don’t care what their bio says. If I don’t have a personal connection to them or they have info I want or need I ain’t spending my money.

I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t want to see these big corporations take over the industry and turn it into nothing more than time shifted tv and radio filled with advertising that doesn’t pertain to anything with the content. We need to find something that works for both the big guys and the little guys for funding the podcast production.