Posted on Sunday, Apr 22, 2018
I’m a hypocrite, Clifford broke down and more truckin newz

Show Notes


I’m trying out Mewe as a replacement to Facebook. I never took the time to create a Facebook page for TuckinNutz but there is a TruckinNutz group over at Mewe. I admit its kind of hard to get started because all your friends are on Facebook but it is so nice to not have a ton of stoopid thrown in your face the minute you log in. I’m starting to like it.

I broke the 221 mark finally. I weighed in at 219 this morning. Daily sugars are awesome and I did an A1c 2 months early and it already shows that I dropped 3 points!

After last weeks episode about CB’s I ended up having to drive a rental truck for the week. And there wasnt any place to hook it up!?!? WTF? A truck not set up for a CB? Thats heresy! Clifford is fine though. He had a couple of oil leaks I was worried about and needed a B service. But he is back this week and chomping at the bit to get rolling.**

I quit the band Slight Case of Death. I cant ever seem to get home in time to go to practice and with writing new songs I wont be able to keep up in time for shows. So I just gave up on it. I will still be the number one fan and will be involved in the recording and other behind the scenes stuff.

I’m working on more cover songs. They just may end up turning into a full fledged album with other musicians from around the mid Michigan area. May end up giving it away for donations to charity. Most likely be Kick the F**k Out of Cancer. Hopefully you guys have noticed the better audio quality here on the show. I am applying everything I’m learning from doing these cover songs into the podcast production.

So lets get into the news!

Even DOT cops are crooked

You heard of Kim Dot Com? Well, meet Diesel Trailer Truck

First quarter of 2018 truck sales hit a 12 yr high

Schneider creates company app for drivers

Safety groups seek to end roadway fatalities

Compilation of brake checks on trucks is a must watch. H/T Truckers News.com