Blowing Off Steam

Posted on Sunday, May 6, 2018
NSFW for harsh lanquage in this episode!

Show Notes

I need to throw out a NSFW warning. There is cussing in this episode!

Its good to be back. I didn’t get to record last weekend because I took the family to see Avengers:Infinity Wars. I won’t spoil it for you but I will say its like the comics only different. Awesome movie though and it contains more than a few curveballs but still retains enough of the comics to keep people satisfied.

In this episode I’m gonna get a couple gripes off my chest, play a couple of videos and have a good laugh. I hope I don’t end up rambling your ears off too long and I will try to keep it around a normal episode. Also I got a new cover song for you. Its Boy in Love by BTS, a kpop group that is really starting to go HUGE worldwide. My daughter is a huge fan (they are called “Army”) and approves of my cover so that means a lot to me. I’ll play it at the end as always.

Now lets do some bitching!

  1. Stay out of the left lane! Slower traffic keep right is a law in EVERY state. If you can’t do the speed limit be professional and courteous. Don’t pass when there is a bunch of traffic backed up already. Wait till it clears. Not just being professional here but I’m thinking from a safety pov here. The longer that 2 trucks are side by side the more things can go wrong. Breakdowns on the shoulder, deer, somebody crosses the median, etc.
  2. Help other drivers back up when in a tight situation. Not only for protecting your equipment but also if you are waiting for them to back in so you can get going. Back to being a professional.
  3. Don’t drive stupid. 4 times this week I was cut off by another truck who either didn’t look in the mirror, just figured I would slow down and let them out or they just didn’t care if they got ass packed by me.
  4. Contrary to what most people think its not a race on the interstate. No matter if you lost time in construction zones or heavy traffic. Once you lose time you will never gain it back. The best thing to do is stay consistent and keep the left door shut. Every time you stop you will lose an average of 15 minutes just getting off and back on the interstate. Plus the time you were stopped.
  6. Don’t take your 10 off at the fuel island. Saw a driver do this with my own 2 eyes at the Loves in Ina, IL.
  7. Either take a stand against paid parking and bitch at the assholes throwing trash on the lots or pay for the parking and shut up. I’m personally against the paid parking but when guys throw their piss bottles and trash on the ground instead of walking the length of the trailer to a trash can I really understand why they are charging. We need to police ourselves.


Adam’s video – 4 people you hear on the radio. He nails it really good.


Philips Video – Fuck this Industry

Boy in Love BTS-cover