Pissing Me Off

Posted on Friday, Jun 8, 2018
Lets talk about a growing problem that has got to stop or at least make a big change. Stop peeing in bottles! There are toilets for that!

Show Notes

Last episode I mentioned that I would do some CB interviews. I still havent had time to do one yet. I will eventually get them started.

I also said I would play my Ghost Riders in the Sky cover that I started working on and didnt. So even though I havent done anything with it either since then I will play at least the first part of it. I did do a song that is all midi with no guitars and it turned out really well in my opinion. I’ll play that at the end.

For now lets talk about a growing problem that has got to stop or change.

Stop peeing in bottles! There are toilets for that!

Now I understand there are some legitimate reasons to use a bottle.

  1. Medical-Kidney or bladder infection/disease. Frequent urination is a sign of diabetes as well as some venereal disease.

  2. Disability-You are physically disabled and getting in and out the truck is extreme chore.

Non legitimate reasons

  1. Your too fat-chances are you have diabetes and you need to get that taken care of. You cant physically cant get in or out of the truck to do it.

  2. Your too lazy to walk- which will make you more fat. (see number 1) I’ve seen perfectly capable guys or gals piss in a bottle instead of walking to the bathroom because they had to park out on the back row and they just didn’t want to walk. I’ve also seen guys and gals park on the back row and limp/shuffle/waddle all the way to the building because they had a disability or crutches and should’ve been able to park in the handicap spot that had some lazy young driver parked in it.

So if you must use a bottle lets talk about some etiquette

  1. Get the right sized bottle. Go for the bigger mouth bottles. ie the big tea or juice bottles or better yet get a gallon jug of water. You need it anyways for drinking and doing dishes/cleaning.
  2. After you empty that jug you can use smaller bottles to empty it to make it easier to dispose of your waste. Just put the smaller bottles in a plastic bag(double bag it if you can) and throw those away. In a trash can!
  3. Dont leave a full gallon of piss sitting next to the trashcan at the fuel island. Take it one of the trashcans located around the lot and PUT IT IN THE CAN not next to it.
  4. Dont leave your piss bottles on the ground next to your truck. You get out at some point so throw it in a trashcan along with the rest of your trash.
  5. Dont pee in the big 32 or 44 oz cups then just dump it out the door. Remember that there are other drivers and mechanics that have to crawl under trucks to fix broken shit. It might even be you or your truck. So have some respect for others.
  6. Here’s the big one. DONT DO IT WHILE DRIVING! Not only is it dangerous but if you are like the average male what you think is a firehose is actually more like a lady finger firecracker. You will pee all over your hands, seat floor board and just imagine what a mess you will have if you hit a pothole!

If drivers are as upset as they say they are about all this paid parking capitalization going on since the elog mandate then its up to us to police ourselves about keeping parking areas clean. If you see someone doing something stupid such as pissing on the pavement or throwing trash and piss bottles on the ground then say something to them. They may give you some shit but dont back down. They are the problem with the industry and need to either straighten up or get out. I’m sick of seeing these lazy assholes do this stuff and have never not said anything to them. I’ve even gone so far as to go pick up their trash and put it back on the step of their truck so they would step on it when they got out.

Which brings up another point I need to make. If you got to go number 2 use a plastic bag in a large bowl or bucket. And dont throw that on the ground either! Put it in a can. Dont stand on the catwalk behind the cab and go either. It goes straight to the ground or your driveshaft. Dont lean against the trailer or a tire. If you have a dog and walk it dont you pick it up with a poop bag? Prolly, prolly not. But you should be. Nobody wants to step in dog shit and pee. And nobody wants to step in your piss or shit!